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Abbreviation for Entertainment is the letter blends 'ENT' and 'ENTMT' are some of the time utilized as a condensing for 'diversion,'

Abbreviation for Entertainment is the letter blends ‘ENT’ and ‘ENTMT’ are some of the time utilized as a condensing for ‘diversion,’ there are very few acknowledged approaches to abbreviate this word.

How do you abbreviate entertainment?

There is one common way to abbreviate entertainment. It is, Entmt.

For example, Entmt. wkly’s.

When to Use This Abbreviation

This shortening is strange, yet it is well on the way to be discovered in any industry viewed as amusement.

You may shorten the word diversion to entmt. on a flier, in industry news distributions, or in short hand note taking.

It is at times regular to see such shortened forms in title texts, paper titles, or TV news flags where space is of concern.

Outside of such cases, the word isn’t truncated in everyday composition. While the letter blends ‘ENT’ and ‘ENTMT’ are now and then utilized as a contraction for ‘diversion,’ there are relatively few acknowledged approaches to abbreviate this word. In spite of the fact that in exacting terms, they are not equivalent to contractions, there are positively a lot of initialisms for various kinds of amusement. For example, the word ‘TV,’ is frequently condensed to TV.

Abbreviation For Entertainment
Abbreviation For Entertainment

Entertainment. ENTMT represents Entertainment.

Description: Entertainment definition, classifications, type and other applicable data given by All Acronyms. ENTMT represents Entertainment

What is the abbreviation for entertainment?

The contraction for the word diversion is “ent.” Entertainment is frequently viewed as a type of execution, occasion, or movement that serves to give satisfaction and delight to other people. Instances of diversion incorporate TV, motion pictures, and unrecorded music.

What Does Entertainment Mean?

Meaning of Entertainment: Entertainment is characterized as the activity of furnishing or being furnished with delight or satisfaction; an occasion, execution, or action intended to engage others; the activity of getting a visitor or visitors and furnishing them with food and drink.

  • Peter is to give the entertainment to the kids.
  • Being with Sanjay and Sony is entertainment enough!
  • The word entertainment capacities as a thing in the sentence.

There is one common abbreviation of entertainment: entmt. As previously stated, it would be uncommon to abbreviate this word outside of industries that fall under the umbrella of “entertainment.”

FAQ For Abbreviation For Entertainment

Q. 1.Is ENT short for entertainment?

Ans. ENT stands for Entertainment

Q. 2.What does entmt mean?

Ans. Noun. The demonstration of engaging; pleasing occupation for the brain; redirection; delight: Solving the every day crossword puzzle is an amusement for some. something managing the cost of delight, redirection, or entertainment, particularly a presentation or some likeness thereof: The feature of the ball was an intricate amusement.

Q. 3.What are examples of entertainment?


Cultural Events.
Performance Art.

Q. 4.What kind of word is entertainment?

Ans. An action intended to give delight or unwinding to a crowd of people, regardless of whether the crowd partakes latently as in watching drama or a film, or effectively as in games.

Q. 5.Are films only for entertainment?

Ans. No. Films are made for many purposes. They are made as a commercial product. They are made as entertainment.

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