Abbreviation For Height | Meaning & Definition

Abbreviation For Height is normal shortened forms for Height: You can condense it in a couple of ways like ht., hgt., HT, HGT, HH or H.

Abbreviation For Height

Normal shortened forms for Height: You can condense height in a couple of ways like ht., hgt., HT, HGT, HH or H. In any case, just two shortened forms are taken as the normal contractions for the word tallness. Those two basic truncations are ht. what’s more, hgt..

Height definition with some fascinating model sentences and I will tell you some normal truncations for the word tallness with the conversation of some reasonable regions to utilize a condensing for this specific word.

In the event that you need to make these terms pluralized, basically add an – s toward the finish of each term. Thus, the plural terms will be hts. or then again hgts..

Abbreviation For Height
Abbreviation For Height

Meaning of Height with Definition

It is utilized as a thing inside a sentence. Tallness is characterized as the vertical distance of a person or thing from top to the base or from head to foot for example the height is 10,000 m.

For example,

1. The boy is 4.9 feet in height.

2. The teacher said, “Students! Line up according to your height”.

Suitable Areas to use Ht. or Hgt. for Height

You may have seen a shortening for tallness in the areas like business, engineering, clinical, avionics, worldwide transportation, innovation and so on to take note of the height of something. Be that as it may, you need to compose the full spelling ‘tallness’ in scholastic compositions like in exposition or article works.

Ht. or then again hgt. for tallness is generally utilized in numerical issues to allude to the estimation of height of a person or thing. It tends to be utilized in the spaces like title texts or paper headings where space is restricted to compose the full spellings.

For example, Hgt. of a building = 50 m

ht.    height
hgt.   height
HT    Height
Abbreviation For Height

Height above mean ocean level is a proportion of the vertical distance (tallness, rise or height) of an area regarding a notable mean ocean level taken as a vertical datum. The mix of unit of estimation and the actual amount (height) is classified “meters above mean ocean level” in the decimal measuring standard, while in United States standard and supreme units it would be designated “feet above mean ocean level”.

Mean ocean levels are influenced by environmental change and different factors and change after some time. For this and different reasons, recorded estimations of height above ocean level at a reference time in history may vary from the real rise of a given area over ocean level at a given second.


It is concluded that ht. and hgt. are the two ways to abbreviate the word height. The plural terms can be hts. or hgts..

FAQ For Abbreviation For Height

Q. 1.What is the medical abbreviation for height?

Ans. HT

Q. 2.How do you abbreviate length?

Ans. You may use len or lgth.

Q. 3.What is the abbreviation for Short?

Ans. Shrt

Q. 4.What does height mean in science?

Ans. Height is measure of vertical distance, either vertical extent or vertical position.

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