Abbreviation For President| Meaning & Definition

Abbreviation For President is Pres. A president is a leader of an organization, company, community, club, trade union or group.


How do you abbreviate president?

There is one common way to abbreviate president.

It is, Pres.

For example,

PTA elected pres.

The plural abbreviation of president is pres’s.



When to Use This Abbreviation

This shortened form is normally found in titles for the lead chief in companies, organizations, and we regularly see it when the U.S. President is referenced on paper.

You may contact the word president to pres. on a business card or a nameplate. It is likewise normal to see such shortened forms in title texts or paper titles where space is a worry.

Outside of expert titles or features, the word isn’t abridged in everyday writing.

What Does President Mean?

Definition of Pres (Definition of President): President is characterized as the chosen top of a conservative state. A president is a leader of an organization, company, community, club, trade union, university or other group.

The new Irish president will make sure that our proposition are genuinely thought of and vowed to have an answer by dawn.

The president is proposing a genuine of duty decrease measures to energize business development.

The word president capacities as a thing in the sentence.

Abbreviation For President
Abbreviation For President

What is the Abbreviation for President?


It is pres. For example, PTA elected pres. The plural abbreviation of president is pres’s.

Is Prez short for President?

PREZ stands for Short for President.

President is an individual who has the most elevated situation in an organization or association:

The organization’s top managerial staff will name another president at its next gathering.

The White House has consistently been home to POTUS (President of the United States). As we still can’t seem to have a female or gay president, if the president is hitched, it’s additionally been home to his significant other, known as FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States).

Where did POTUS come from?

The late William Safire, who was a writer, journalist, etymologist (sweet), and speech specialist for the Nixon White House, once composed of the utilization of POTUS in the Nixon organization: “As a Presidential helper in 1969, I originally saw this abbreviation on a mark of an expansion of a five-line phone along the back mass of the West Wing’s Cabinet Room.

At the point when the catch close to that mark illuminated, the telephone was replied with uncommon energetic promptness. A comparative catch marked POTUS was on the phone set of H. R. Haldeman, the President’s head of staff, and was utilized by him for calls both from and to Mr. Nixon.”

POTUS may have come into mainstream society vogue with Safire’s 1977 White House epic Full Disclosure, as a “pet name received by the unmarried President’s inamorata-photographic artist. She felt off-kilter calling the Chief Executive by his first name, and ‘Mr. President’ was not proper for cozy minutes; POTUS was her answer.”

The real utilization of the POTUS abbreviation may return much farther than the 1960s, however. A book known as The Phillips Code, distributed in 1879, dates POTUS back to the 1890s and the utilization of the message! A progression site for The West Wing specifies that President Franklin D. Roosevelt utilized the term POTUS for himself, in correspondences with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Where does FLOTUS come from?

Nancy Reagan is thought by numerous individuals to be the motivation behind the FLOTUS abbreviation. In any case, the term first woman may have been instituted by President Zachary Taylor. The spouse of the president was known as the presidentress until President Taylor gave a commendation to President James Madison’s better half, Dolley Madison, and called her this term all things being equal.

Obviously, the abbreviations don’t stop with the top positions. The VP has the abbreviation VPOTUS, however there is no coordinating with term for the spouse of the VP—that would be SLOTUS? Second Lady of the United States?

How do you abbreviate vice president?

Vice President is abbreviated: VP.


There is one common abbreviation of president: pres. If you want to make the abbreviation plural, simply add on an “ s.”

FAQ For Abbreviation For President

Q. 1.What does the abbreviation Pres mean?

Ans. Pres means Abbreviation for President

Q. 2.What does Prez mean?

Ans. President get to go to the White House this week to shake hands and schmooze with the Prez.

Q. 3.Is Pres a word?

Ans. Pres adj. President

Q. 4.Is Prez short for President?

Ans. It is a Short form of president.

Q. 5.What president mean?


An authority picked to manage a gathering or get together.
A designated legislative head of a subordinate political unit.
The central official of an association generally depended with the heading and organization of its strategies.
The managing official of an administrative ……

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