AMC Full Form

AMC full form : Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC represents Annual Maintenance Contract. It is otherwise called Annual Maintenance Charges. It is offered by all makers after deals. The term relates the purchasers and the providers. The producer organization gives the upkeep administration to their purchasers for their important items. This administration of support might be chargeable or for nothing out of pocket as per the agreement held.

For instance: Every PC proprietor gets this administration when he purchased his PC and after that the organization will be liable for the up keeping and all round support of the PC. For the most part, this kind of agreements is finished paperwork for each year in turn. It tends to be stretched out up to at least two years according to the understanding between the gatherings. In AMC, the organization typically offers support backing to the client and charges for the broken pieces of the machine. Sometimes, the organization covers a few sections under AMC, these parts are supplanted liberated from cost.


        Devices which are checked under AMC

  • Computers and Laptops.
  • Robots
  • Servers, Printers, Scanners, Machine
  • Television, Refrigerators, Air Conditioner, and most of the electronic devices.

         Benefits of AMC

The AMC gives a fulfillment and genuine feelings of serenity to the clients during the agreement term in light of the fact that, the contact contains the support, standard tests, and routine work to direct the exhibition of the gadget.


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