BLO Full Form

BLO full form : Booth Level Officer



Who is BLO ?

BLO is a nearby Government/Semi-Government official, acquainted with the neighborhood balloters and for the most part a citizen in the equivalent surveying region who aids refreshing the move utilizing his neighborhood information. 

Truth be told, BLO is a delegate of Election Commission of India at the grass-root level who plays a urgent part during the time spent move update and gathering genuine field data with respect to the move relating to the surveying territory allocated to him. 


  • What is BLO?
  • Who is  BLO?
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However BLO is definitely not a full time constituent authority, however the obligation of BLO includes an extra measurement to his profile as he is delivering a capable metro obligation. 

He is much the same as a companion, rationalist and guide of the nearby individuals in issues identifying with the roll. Each BLO will have one/two surveying station territory under his/her ward.


Appointment of BLO 

Under Section 13B (2) of Representation of People Act, 1950, BLOs are named from among the officials of the Govt. /Semi Govt. /Local Bodies. 

By and large, one BLO is liable for one aspect of the constituent roll. The DEOs in interview with the EROs of the Assembly Constituency (AC) designate the BLOs. 

Following is a rundown of classifications of the Govt/Semi Govt workers who can be delegated as BLO:- 

1. Instructors 

2. Anganwadi laborers, 

3. Patwari/Amin/Lekhpal, 

4. Panchayat Secretary, 

5. Town Level Workers, 

6. Power Bill Readers, 

7. Mailman, 

8. Helper Nurses and Mid-spouses, 

9. Wellbeing laborers, 

10.Mid-day dinner laborers, 

11.Contract instructors, 

12.Corporation Tax Collectors, and 

13.Clerical Staff in Urban region (UDC/LDC and so forth)


Responsibilities and duties of BLO

The BLO will make a careful investigation of the move of the part appointed to him. 

He will make regular field visits to the towns/Tolas in the said part and cooperate with nearby individuals especially town seniors and grass root level chosen agents and distinguish the names of the dead/moved/copy citizens in the move, which should be eliminated by the ERO under pertinent arrangements of law. 

The primary elements of BLO are as per the following:

• Receiving cases and protests. 

• House to house visit and checking of covering, relocation, move/moving 

• Identification of moved/dead/non-existing voters 

• Checking incorporation and avoidance blunders 

• Checking subtleties of spellings, passages of copy names, part header page, 

photographs and so forth of voters in the roll 

• Collecting photographs of voters 

• Collecting versatile quantities of voters (discretionary) 

• Submitting reports to ERO so that notice can be given to the people whose names must be erased 

• Display of draft roll/endorsed sees at assigned areas 

• Reading of moves in gram/ward sabhas – Liasoning with RWAs in metropolitan territories for enrollment. 

• EPIC dispersion (after planning) to the opportune individual and not to some other 


• Maximization of EPIC inclusion and enrolment 

• SVEEP eg. Road plays, Dramas, Wall works, and so forth 

• NVD exercises – Administering NVD vow and admonishing electors at NVD time. 

• Correct Serialization of the houses and right course of action of segments falling 

inside the part. 

• Coordination with Booth Level Agents (BLAs) 

• Detailing of Forms got 

• Impart straightforward citizen instruction at enlistment time 

• Distribution of electors slip before political decision 

• Preparation of Nazri Naksha with a customary geological outline to abstain from covering uncommonly in regard of recently created states.


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