CSIR Full Form

CSIR full form : Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

CSIR represents Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. It is a contemporary R&D association set up by the Govt. of India in September 1942 as an independent body.

It is known for its forefront R&D knowledgebase in assorted S&T territories.

It has a huge system of 39 effort communities, 38 national research facilities, 3 Innovation Complexes, and five units.

CSIR’s has around 5000 dynamic researchers and around 8000 logical and specialized faculty to help the dynamic researchers.

CSIR stresses a wide scope of science and innovation, for example, radio and space material science, geophysics, synthetic compounds, drugs, genomics, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, air transportation, instrumentation, natural designing and data innovation and the sky is the limit from there.

It gives specialized help with numerous fields identified with cultural endeavors, which incorporate wellbeing, drinking water, food, lodging, vitality, ranch, and non-ranch parts.

As of August 2019, Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi is the leader of CSIR, and Dr. Brutal Vardhan is the Vice President of CSIR. Dr. Shekhar C. Mande is the Director-General and Secretary of DSIR.


Pursue science which strives for global impact and technology which enables innovation-driven industry and cultivates trans-disciplinary leadership thereby catalyzing inclusive economic development for the people of India.


To construct another CSIR for a cutting edge India, the country and individuals’ enthusiasm for science, innovation, and cultural interests is the establishment of CSIR’s strategic.
The rising dreams and goals of the country throughout the years moves the CSIR for:

  • Initiative in the field of Science and Engineering.
  • To give imaginative innovation arrangements.
  • Open advancement and crown sourcing.
  • Empowering ability in trans-disciplinary regions.
  • Science-based enterprise.
  • Financial turn of events and change through science and innovation.

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Organization Structure

  1. President : Prime Minister (Ex-Officio)
  2. V.President  : Minister of Science and Technology, India (Ex-Officio)
  3. Overseeing Body : The Director General is the top of the administering body, The other ex-officio part is the account secretary (consumptions), Other individuals’ terms are three years.
  4. CSIR Advisory Board : 15-part body made out of noticeable individuals from separate fields of science and innovation, Its capacity is to give S&T contributions to the administering body. Part terms are three years.

CSIR achievements

  • Built up India’s first engineered sedate, methaqualone in 1950.
  • Created Optical Glass at CGCRI[12] for resistance purposes.
  • Grown first Indian farm vehicle Swaraj in 1967 totally dependent on indigenous skill.
  • Accomplished the main advancement of blossoming of Bamboo inside weeks as against twenty years in nature.
  • First to dissect hereditary decent variety of the indigenous Andamanese clans and to build up their birthplace out of Africa 60,000 years back.
  • Built up the first transgenic Drosophila model for medicate screening for malignant growth in people.
  • Designed, when seven days non-steroidal family arranging pill Saheli and non-steroidal home grown pill for asthma called Asmon.
  • Planned India’s first historically speaking equal handling PC, Flosolver.
  • Restored India’s one-hundred-year-old treatment facility at Digboi utilizing the most present day atomic refining innovation.
  • With TCS, built up a flexible versatile PC-based programming ‘Bio-Suite’ for bioinformatics.
  • Structure of 14 seater plane ‘SARAS’.
  • Built up first ever on the planet ‘Conventional Knowledge Digital Library’ available in five worldwide dialects, English, German, French, Japanese and Spanish.
  • Effectively tested the award of patent in the US for utilization of haldi (turmeric) for wound mending and neem as bug spray.
  • In 2007, under the NMITLI program, started the investigation of Sepsivac, a medication for gram-negative sepsis.
  • In 2009, finished the sequencing of the Human Genome.
  • In 2011, effectively tried India’s first indigenous regular citizen airplane, NAL NM5 made in relationship with National Aerospace Laboratories and Mahindra Aerospace.
  • In 2020, started clinical preliminaries to assess Sepsivac’s viability to diminish death rate in COVID-19 patients.
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