DP Full Form

DP full form : Display Picture

Display Photo is a graphical portrayal of a client or the client’s modify inner self or character. It might take either a two-dimensional structure as a symbol in Internet gatherings and other online networks or a three-dimensional structure, as in games or virtual universes. Display pictures have additionally been alluded to as “picons” (individual symbols) before, however the use of this term is extraordinary at this point. A profile photograph can likewise allude to a book develop found on early frameworks, for example, MUDs.


       1. What is full form of dp?

DP full form is Display Picture.


       2. What is the full form of dp?

The full form of DP is Display Picture or we can call it as profile picture.


       3. What is DP full form?

DP full form is Display Picture or it is Known as Display Profile.


       4. What is the full form of dp in Whatsapp?

The full form of DP in Whatsapp is also called Display Picture.


      5. Full form Of DP

DP stands for Display Picture.


      6. Whatsapp DP full form

Whatsapp DP full form stands for Display Picture.


     DP full form in whatsapp

DP full form in Whatsapp is Display Picture.


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