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ISD Full Form

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ISD full form : International Subscriber Dialing ISD represents International Subscriber Dialing. It is otherwise called International Direct Dialing (IDD). This term depicts an International call made by an individual without depending on the phone administrator.  ISD is relegated to each…

CAD Full Form

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CAD full form : Computer Aided Design Computer aided design is programming utilized by the specialists, engineers, craftsmen, drafters to make specialized delineation in two-dimensional (2D) and in three-dimensional (3D).  It is a mix of equipment and programming that makes…

BIOS Full Form

BIOS Full Form
BIOS Full Form represents Basic Input Output System. It is worked in programming. It is the primary programming run by the PC. Read Only Memory....

SAS Full Form

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SAS full form : Statistical Analysis Software AS represents Statistical Analysis Software. It is a coordinated arrangement of programming items created by SAS Inc. for propelled investigation, multivariate examination, business insight, information the board, and prescient investigation.  The advancement of SAS…

IEC Full Form

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IEC full form : International Electrotechnmical Comission   IEC represents International Electrotechnical Commission. It is a non-revenue driven association established in 1906.    It makes furthermore, distributes agreement based International Standards and oversees evaluation frameworks for all electrical, electronic, what’s…

PPT Full Form

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PPT full form :  PowerPoint Presentation The full type of PPT is PowerPoint Presentation. It is an introduction program and is one of the numerous projects that the Microsoft runs under Microsoft Office.  It has an orange-shaded brand name and…

DPI Full Form

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DPI full form : Dots Per Inch DPI represents Dots Per Inch. It is a proportion of the thickness of a print or video picture, i.e., the quantity of specks that can be put in a line inside a separation…

HVAC Full Form

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HVAC full form : Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Central air represents Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It is a lot of advancements mostly used to manage room temperature, stickiness and Air stream inside a predetermined territory.  It is intended to…

CFL Full Form

CFL Full Form
CFL represents conservative fluorescent light. It is a vitality sparing light that devours less force than the old glowing lights. It comprises of a glass cylinder and two anodes. 

ASCII Full Form

ASCII full form : American Standard Code for Information Interchange     ASCII represents American Standard Code for Information Interchange. PCs can just get numbers, so an ASCII code is the numerical portrayal of a character, for example, ‘an’ or ‘@’…