IEC Full Form

IEC full form : International Electrotechnmical Comission

IEC represents International Electrotechnical Commission. It is a non-revenue driven association established in 1906. 
It makes furthermore, distributes agreement based International Standards and oversees evaluation frameworks for all electrical, electronic, what’s more, related advances, which are altogether known as “Electrotechnology.” 
IEC distributions fill in as an establishment for national normalization and as references while drafting worldwide agreements, tenders, and so on. 
What is IEC certification?
What does ISO IEC stand for?
What is IEC and NEC?
What is the difference between IEC and CE?
Its individuals originate from all pieces of the world. They speak to the electrotechnical interests of their nations, organizations, organizations, administrative bodies, and instructive establishments, and the sky is the limit from there. 
Besides, the IEC likewise moves toward new nations through its Affiliate Country Program. 
It likewise arranges and helps out global territorial and national accomplices to deliver joint distributions and to advance the significance of normalization over the world.
Values Shown: 
  • To serve the world markets through normalization and congruity work for all electrical, electronic, and related innovations.
  • To promote world exchange and financial development and energize the improvement of items, frameworks, and administrations that are protected, productive and condition inviting.
Resolutions and Procedures of IEC: 
The overseeing archive of IEC includes Statutes and Procedures of IEC. It contains the rights and obligations of the part National Committees, the IEC Officers, and the administration sheets. 
The IEC’s Directives depict the methods of its specialized work, rules for the structure and drafting of International guidelines.
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