IFS Full Form

IFS full form : Indian Foreign Service

IFS represents Indian Foreign Service. It is as esteemed as Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in the Indian managerial arrangement. 

It is the conciliatory, focal common help under Group An administrations that manages the treatment of different outside and inward undertakings of the nation in numerous missions abroad or the Ministry of international concerns. Its base camp is in South Block, New Delhi. 

The IFS officials speak to the nation in global domain fundamentally in the field of strategy, exchange, and social relations and are liable for dealing with the outer undertakings of the nation, including the duty regarding creating exchange and social relations.

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Responsibilities of an IFS

  • To speak to India in universal associations and protect its inclinations identified with exchange, venture, reciprocal monetary and political collaboration, social thankfulness, media relations, guard and the sky is the limit from there. 

  • To intently screen and evaluate the circumstances in different nations and complete nitty gritty conversations, exchanges, and strategy to advance India’s key advantages. 

  • To report matters that may influence strategy detailing and perspectives on the host nations. 

  • To advance India’s business and monetary interests just as Indian fares, modern joint efforts, and exchange occasions at worldwide gatherings. 

  • To create and advance agreeable relations with different nations and their kin. 

  • To give consular offices to non-inhabitant Indians and outsiders remaining in the nation. 

  • To Liaison with media to keep up and oversee relations in multilateral, household and foreign relations. 

  • To speak to the nation in multilateral associations like the United Nations. 

  • To casing and execute arrangements that oversee India’s relations with different nations. 

  • To oversee worldwide conciliatory convention during the visit of unfamiliar dignitaries to India. 

  • To manage the exercises of multilateral and territorial associations. 

  • To deal with lawful questions, convention issues, connections with the press, organization, and so forth.


Officials of the IFS are selected by the Government of India on the suggestion of the Union Public Service Commission. 

In 1948, the primary gathering of Indian Foreign Service officials enlisted under the joined Civil Services Examination controlled by the Union Public Service Commission joined the administration. 

This test is as yet used to choose new unfamiliar administration officials. Past to 1948, some were named legitimately by the then Prime Minister and included previous local leaders of India who had coordinated their areas into India separated from realized people like Mohammed Yunus. 

New enrolls to the IFS are prepared at Sushma Swaraj Foreign Service Institute after a short establishment course at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie. 

Lately, the admission into the Indian Foreign Administration has found the middle value of between 25-30 people every year.

On acknowledgment to the Foreign Service, new participants experience huge preparing, which is viewed as one of the generally testing and longest helps training in the Government of India and almost takes over 1 year to graduate from. 

The contestants experience a trial period (and are alluded to as Officer Trainees). Preparing starts at the Lal 

Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) in Mussoorie, where individuals from numerous first class Indian common administrations are prepared.

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