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BLO Full Form

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BLO full form : Booth Level Officer     Who is BLO ? BLO is a nearby Government/Semi-Government official, acquainted with the neighborhood balloters and for the most part a citizen in the equivalent surveying region who aids refreshing the move…

CAG Full Form

sslc full form
The full form of CAG is (Comptroller and Auditor General of India)Its essential role is to review all the consumption of focal government.

DSP Full Form

DSP Full Form
DSP stands for (Deputy Superintendent of Police).is a rank of a police officer in the police department in India.He is a state police officer

IFS Full Form

IFS full form : Indian Foreign Service IFS represents Indian Foreign Service. It is as esteemed as Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in the Indian managerial arrangement.  It is the conciliatory, focal common help under Group An administrations that manages the treatment…