LOC Full Form

LOC full form : Line Of Control

LOC represents Line of Control. It is a 740 km long military control line or fringe which isolates the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) from the province of Jammu and Kashmir, India. 

The line is generally secured with weighty curls of pointed wire; a sort of fence set up by the Indian armed force. 

The line is monitored by the check posts of Indian armed force in the Indian side of the LOC and by Pakistani registration in the Pakistani side of the LOC. 

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The pieces of Kashmir that are involved by Pakistan (POK) are known as Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). Rest of the Kashmir is under the Indian control and known as the territory of Jammu and Kashmir. 

LOC is certainly not a legitimately perceived universal limit; it is an accepted outskirt. At first, it was known as a Truce Line, however after the Shimla Agreement on 3 July 1972, it was re-assigned as the “Line of Control”.

Another truce line isolates the Indian-controlled province of Jammu and Kashmir from the Chinese-controlled territory known as Aksai Chin. Lying further toward the east, it is known as the Line of Actual Control (LAC). 

Previous US President Bill Clinton has alluded to the Indian subcontinent and the Kashmir Line of Control, in specific, as one of the most hazardous spots on the planet. 


Prevalent religions in northwestern British India, 1909. The Pakistan Declaration of 1933 had imagined the regal province of Jammu and Kashmir as one of the “five Northern units of India” that were to frame the new country of Pakistan, based on its Muslim larger part. Pakistan despite everything claims the entire of Kashmir as its own region, including Indian-controlled Kashmir. India has an alternate point of view on this understanding. 


Maharaja Hari Singh, King of the royal province of Kashmir and Jammu, consented to Governor-General Mountbatten’s recommendation to sign the Instrument of Accession in 1947. India requested increase as an end-result of help. India guaranteed that the entire domain of the regal province of Jammu and Kashmir had a become Indian area (India’s legitimate stance) because of the promotion; it guarantees the entire district, including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit–Baltistan region, as its own.

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