POK Full Form

POK full form : Pakistan Occupied Kashmir
Why POK’s Future?
As a case for future scenario building, POK is immensely significant. POK’s strategic geographic location has consistently been “leveraged” by Pakistan 
to fulfil its “strategic and economic objectives”. POK shares its borders with several countries – the Punjab and NWFP provinces in Pakistan to the west, 
the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan in the north-west, Xinjiang province of the People’s Republic of China to the north and India’s Jammu and Kashmir to the east. 
It is situated in the vicinity of the two fastest growing economies of the world, but remains extremely backward.
The key actors in POK are India, Pakistan and China, which during the last few years has developed considerable stakes in the region. 
This paper, attempting to draw future projections for POK, is divided into four sections: (I) identifying and describing the key drivers; 
(II) envisaging future trends in the key drivers; (III) determining alternative scenarios; and (IV) Prognosis.


The education rate in Azad Kashmir was 62% in 2004, higher than in some other district of Pakistan. Be that as it may, just 2.2% were graduates, contrasted with the normal of 2.9% for Pakistan.

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