RIP Full Form

RIP Full Form is Routing Information Protocol. RIP is basically a protocol that routers used to exchange network information.

RIP Full Form is Routing Information Protocol.

What Does RIP Stand For?

The Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is one of the most seasoned separation vector steering convention. It utilizes a jump consider a steering metric. In jump check, the quantity of hubs are tallied among source and goal. The most extreme number of bounces took into account RIP is 15. 
As its vehicle convention RIP utilizes User Datagram Protocol (UDP). It is doled out a saved port number 520. Tear is a broadly utilized convention for overseeing switch data inside a neighborhood (LAN) or gathering of LANs. 

RIP Full Form
RIP Full Form

There are three renditions of Pouting Information Protocol. 
Tear variant 1 
Tear variant 2 
RIPng (RIP people to come)
RIP implements the split horizon, route poisoning and holddown mechanisms to prevent incorrect routing information from being propagated.

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