SSP Full Form

Senior Superintendent of police are officials of the Indian Police Service. They are depended with the forces furthermore, duty of keeping up..

The ssp full form is Senior Superintendent of Police. In India, the The SSP is a senior administrator of police in metropolitan, profoundly populated or naxal-influenced regions or administrator of police in more modest locale heads the police power of a region. In regions where a senior administrator is the head, the director is the top of an enormous metropolitan provincial zone inside a region.

The administrator is likewise the top of an enormous metropolitan or country region in a more modest region too. In metropolitan territories having police commissionerate framework (like in Delhi Police, Mumbai Police, Bangalore City Police or Hyderabad Police) the head of locale police is called agent official of police, and the person holds the position of an administrator.

Who are SSP’s

Senior Superintendent of police are officials of the Indian Police Service. They are depended with the forces furthermore, duty of keeping up lawfulness and related issues of a metropolitan locale of a state or a association region of India. They are helped by their lesser officials.

The senior administrator rank emblem is the state insignia over two stars and is worn with Gorget patches which have a dim blue foundation and a white line sewed on it. They wear it on their collar. The position underneath is director, while the position above is appointee overseer general of police who wear Ashoka seal over three stars.

Senior directors of police are likewise the auxiliary head in different central command. The rank is identical to commandant in the Focal Armed Police Forces and Uttar Pradesh Police Armed Constabulary (UP-PAC)

Who are SP’s

Directors of police or Superintendent of police are the officials of either State Police Service or Indian Police Service. They are the locale head of non-metropolitan regions in India. They are likewise the in charge of an enormous metropolitan or provincial zone in an area where a senior administrator is the locale head. They likewise fill in as helping officials to the extra/uncommon chief general of police in different authorities. They likewise fill in as the staff officials (Staff Officer is the Deputy Assistant of the Director General of Police who is the police head of the state). The position of director is equal to the position of second in order (2IC) and representative commandant in the Focal Armed Police Forces and Uttar Pradesh Police Armed Constabulary (UP-PAC). The administrator’s position identification is the Ashoka token over no star or one star (as indicated by grade pay level). The position underneath is representative administrator in the State Police Service or right hand director of police in the Indian Police Service furthermore, the position above it is senior administrator. Directors are likewise the third head of different central command. The position of administrator is comparable to the position of senior Captain/major/lieutenant colonel in the Indian Army.

Design of SSP and SP Uniform

SSP-positioned officials wear the IPS logo underneath the star with Gorget patches on their collar. The foundation of the Gorget fix is dull blue. A white strip is sewed on the Gorget fix.

SP-positioned IPS officials wear the IPS logo underneath the star/Ashoka image and SP-positioned state police administration officials wear the state police logo beneath the star/Ashoka seal.

SSP’s In Several Countries

SSP full form in Australia

In Australia, the position of administrator is the following senior position from boss Inspector and is less senior than a boss administrator (Victoria Police, South Australia Police, New South Wales Police, Queensland Police) or an collaborator official (Western Australia Police). A few officials likewise hold the position of criminologist boss administrator (however this is only occasionally utilized) and criminologist director. Directors wear an epaulet bearing one pip under a crown, a similar position identification as a lieutenant-colonel and wear police covers with a shrub wreath across the edge to show status.

SSP full form in Canada

In Canada, the rank of superintendent is usually the next senior rank up from inspector. Some police forces also have the higher rank of staff superintendent (senior staff superintendent) or regional superintendent.

SSP full form in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Police Force ranks are based on the British system:

Chief superintendent – in command of a branch or district formation

Senior superintendent – second in charge of a district or commander of a bureau

Superintendent – in command of HQ unit or police division

SSP in Ireland

In the Republic of Ireland, the position of administrator is among investigator and boss director. There are generally a few relegated to every division. Analysts utilize the “criminologist” prefix. There were 178 administrators in the Garda Síochána toward the start of 2006. In the Irish language, a Garda administrator is a ceannfort, which interprets in a real sense as “headman”. Ard-Cheannfort is a main administrator or “high headman”. Ceannfort is likewise utilized for the military position of “commandant”, equal to major. Each police locale is directed by an administrator. Locale are sub-units of divisions, which are told by boss administrators.

SSP in Italy

In the Italian Polizia di Stato, the positions of director (sovrintendente) are medium-level non-appointed officials’ positions, higher ranking than specialists and colleagues and junior to assessors. In true correlations, they are equal to sergeants. The three positions are bad habit sovrintendente (representative director), sovrintendente (administrator), and sovrintendente capo (boss director).

SSP in Macau

Administrator general and director are, separately, the positions of the officer and agent commandants of the Public Security Police (CPSP) of Macau. The position of director is higher ranking than the position of intendent.

The CPSP rank symbol follows the nonexclusive model of the Portuguese Public Security Police, with the emblem of senior officials comprising in epaulets that contain two crossed horsewhips inside a tree wreath and PSP stars (six focuses silver star with the “SP” monogram in the middle) whose number characterizes the exact position. The number of stars in the emblem of director general and administrator are, individually, four and three. The rank symbol of administrator general and director are likewise recognized in being in red epaulets rather than the dim blue of different positions.

SSP in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the position of director is above controller and beneath colleague official. Directors are ordinarily designated as area officers, and the rank is likewise held by the commandant of the Royal New Zealand Police College.

SSP in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a senior administrator of police is the top of the region police. A few regions and police divisions are instructed by directors of police. The police administration of Pakistan currently distinguishes another pecking order including DPO, CCPO and so on Director of police is comparable to DPO (locale cop) and can be a CSP having a place with PSP and can likewise be a ranker.

SSP in Papua New Guinea

In the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary, the position of administrator is above boss controller and underneath chief director.

SSP in Philippines

In the Philippines, administrator is a position in the Philippine National Police, the Bureau of Jail Management furthermore, Penology, and the Bureau of Fire Protection. It is above boss monitor and beneath senior director also, is viewed as what could be compared to lieutenant colonel in the Philippine Army.

SSP in Portugal

In Portugal, director (Portuguese: superintendent) is an official position in the Public Security Police (PSP). It is higher ranking than the police rank of intendant and substandard compared to the position of boss administrator, being generally comparable to a colonel in the military. Directors generally practice the job of

bosses of region orders or the part of second-in-order in the metropolitan and provincial orders. The rank insignia of a superintendent consists of a dark blue epaulet with two crossed horsewhips inside a laurel wreath and three PSP stars arranged in an inverted triangle. Each PSP star consists in a six-point silver star with the “SP” monogram in the center.

SSP in Singapore

In Singapore, the rank is utilized in both the police (SPF) and migration specialists (ICA) as both utilize the equivalent rank structure. In the police, there are three positions of director: associate administrator of police (ASP), agent director of police (DSP), and administrator of police (SP). These three positions fall under the senior cop class.

SSP in South Africa


The rank was presented in 1825, for the top of the Cape Town police. It was ceased in 1860. It was additionally utilized in the brief Griqualand Mounted Police from 1873 to 1880 and in the Natal Police from 1894 to 1913, the Transvaal Town Police from 1901 to 1908, the Transvaal Police from 1908 to 1913, and the Orange River Colony Police from 1908 to 1913.


The rank returned in the Union of South Africa as the position of the top of the South African Railways and Harbors Police in 1944. It was equal to the military position of colonel, with a similar position emblem. From 1946, there were three evaluations: boss director (brigadier), vice president administrator (colonel), and director (lieutenant-colonel). The police titles were supplanted by the military titles during the 1960s. The title was reestablished for the South African Police Service in 1995. There were two evaluations: senior director (equal to colonel) and administrator (lieutenant-colonel). The police titles were supplanted by the military titles in 2010.

SSP in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, administrator of police (SP) is a senior gazetted official position higher ranking than partner director of police and junior to senior administrator of police. The later was made during the 1980s. Administrators are regularly delegated as local authorities of police divisions.

SSP in United Kingdom

The position of administrator is higher ranking than boss reviewer and junior to boss director. The rank identification is a crown worn on the epaulets, equivalent to a significant in the British Army.

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