UNICEF Full Form

UNICEF full form is United Nations Children's Emergency Fund. This organization was established in 11 December 1946 to aid children

UNICEF full form is United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund.

UNICEF represents United Nations Children’s Fund; once, it was called United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. It is an exceptional program of the United Nations which works for the general government assistance of the penniless youngsters and moms over the world. 

It was built up by United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 1946 for the government assistance of European kids after World War ll. 

UNICEF Full Form
UNICEF Full Form

In 1950, General Assembly expanded its command with the goal that it can support the destitute youngsters and moms in creating nations. 

In 1953, UNICEF turned into the lasting individual from United Nations General Assembly and its name was abbreviated to? United Nations Children’s Fund. Be that as it may, the gathering held its abbreviation “UNICEF”. 

Today UNICEF is working in excess of 190 nations. It works with neighborhood networks, colleagues and administrations of the nations to give critical help to penniless youngsters and moms. 

UNICEF accepts that all youngsters reserve the option to sufficient nourishment, training, wellbeing and assurance against misuse and abuse.

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